Everything You Need To Know To Get Into Tech: The Basics

Technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the U.S. These positions continue to outpace other high-growth sectors like business and health care. But how do you break into this industry?

Whether you know exactly what you want to do in tech, or still figuring it out, we walk you through the basics of landing a position in tech.


The Ultimate Tech Acronym List

Whether you’re a digital media newbie or seasoned exec, there are tons of acronyms you should know that get tossed around daily. Here’s a list of the most common acronyms that every professional in the digital media/marketing and tech space should know.


The Beginner's Guide to UX/UI Design

Eager to enter the world of UX/UI Design, but don't quite know how? If you're looking to get started in a career as a UX/UI designer, you'll learn the inner workings of this in-demand sector of tech, what the role entails, and how you can break into this career.  

The Beginner's Guide to Product Management

You don't need a technical background to be a great product manager. You'll need to understand the consumers of your product and how to measure success to iterate over the user experience design and technology to deliver business value. If you're thinking about starting a career as a product manager, you'll learn the inner workings of this viable position, what the role entails, and how you can break into this career. 


How to Break Into Social Media

With social media marketing, your professional options are endless. Whether it's socializing content via Twitter or Instagram, managing a company's culture on LinkedIn or encouraging engagement on Facebook, marketing efforts involve social media. These positions are growing faster than ever. For a step-by-step blueprint for breaking into social media,  download our free guide now.