#MoreThanCode consists of short form classes, workshops, and part-time intensive courses designed to help you learn top skills needed in today's digital economy. Whether you're new to tech, looking to advance in your current position, or have your own thing- we've got you covered. 

Our curriculum is uniquely developed by the 2020Shift team and our partners to give people hands-on experience and behind the scenes knowledge. Because of our focus on diversity, all of our instructors reflect students in race, ethnicity and/or gender expression/identity.
Through #MoreThanCode we aim to create the next generation of innovators and make tech more reflective of the world we live in. 

Upcoming Classes and Courses

Intro to HTML/CSS

In this workshop students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of HTML and CSS, how to design mockups into page elements, how to convert those mockups into static web pages, and what career options exist for front end developers and designers. Attendees will have the chance to work on a modern day prototype with one of our clients and walk away with the knowledge to build a responsive site with their own CSS framework. They will also get an understanding of how HTML, CSS, and Javascript relate to each other. 

Content Strategy

In this workshop students will learn how content strategy fits within digital strategy, the different types of content strategy and how to apply their existing skills to the field, as well as how to develop a content strategy for their brand or a business. Students will learn about the different tools and channels needed to create an effective content strategy and work on a small project to present their findings. 

Intro to Agile Project Management

In this workshop students will learn the differences between Agile and traditional project management, how project managers can shift their thinking to best operate in an Agile environment, and the different career options that exist withing the field. This class is ideal for anyone that’s interested in project management, product management, or want to have a better undersstanding of how to apply Agile processes to their current posiition. 

Product Design Part Time Course

In this part time course students will learn the fundementals of product management, roadmapping, prototyping, and basic UX/UI design. Students will work on an intensive client brief with a 2020Shift partner and have the opportunity to walk away with a tangible project than can be used in their portfolio or professional site. This course is ideal for anyone interested in product mangament, UI design, or applying the skill to an exisiting business.