Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow: 2020Shift Joins #TechHire Initiative

60% of the new jobs being created will require skills only held by 20% of the population.
— The American Society for Training and Development

How do you prepare and help Americans get into well paying tech jobs by 2020? 

That was the question posed to 100 technologists, training providers and community leaders at the White House #TechHire summit in late December. 

Launched in March 2015, the TechHire initiative has now grown to over 70 communities with more than 1,500 employer partners. In these communities, local leaders commit to open pathways to tech jobs for workers from non-traditional backgrounds; expand accelerated tech learning programs, and give people the chance to get hired based on their demonstrated ability.


2020Shift is proud to announce our involvement in this initiative and commit to increasing and expanding our learning offerings to underrepresented individuals locally and across the nation. We’ve realized that the only way to adequately prepare people for top tech roles and close the skills gap is to give them access to the right education and networking opportunities. We are excited to continue working with our amazing corporate partners, as well as develop new relationships with tech leaders in both the private and public sector to achieve the goal of getting 100K people into tech jobs by 2020.

We encourage you to keep in touch with us as 2017 will be full of new and exciting programming.

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