How My Side Hustle Got Me My Dream Job

Written by Pauline Hsia

A side hustle provides you with a way to make more money outside of your day-to-day, regular job. According to the employment site FlexJobs, 33% of millennials would ideally want to work part-time and freelance on the side. The benefits can include building your resume, learning new skills, and earning extra cash. Here’s how my side hustle got me my current digital marketing job and three reasons why you should side hustle, too.

1. Gaining Experience

If you’re interested in a career jump, a side hustle can give you a taste of what it would be like to pursue an interest full-time. It helps you gain relevant experience that gets your foot in the door. I spent last summer planning a creative arts event, which, initially, had absolutely nothing to do with my career. I developed an event where local artists in Queens could showcase their talents. I ended up marketing the event through social media, print and email, and realized how much I enjoyed digital marketing. A side hustle can show you what your dream job looks like.

2. Making Connections

The best part of side hustling is meeting new people. It’s the easiest way to network without networking. I met nationally recognized painter, Steven Assael, through the event and another gifted painter, who will be co-leading an artist group with me this summer. Putting yourself out there puts you in front of the right people at the right time. A friend, who attended the event and witnessed firsthand how much I worked on this project, happened to work in digital marketing. Without having to ask her, she recommended me when a position opened up at her company. Now I work alongside creatives and techies every day! Side Hustling can surprise you with unexpected perks!

3. Being Creative

Side hustles give you the freedom to explore your passions in an unlimited and unframed fashion. It’s how you can attain a scalable career. Compared to a stable and structured job, a side hustle is flexible. You can put as much effort and time into it as you’d like. Hustling on the side encourages you to try new things without putting all your eggs in one basket. My side hustle forced me to be more imaginative in reaching out to artists and figuring out event setup. It’s one way to stay creative without quitting your day job.

Are you side hustling? Tell us about it in the comments below!