Behind the Techie: Brittany Allen

Everyone has a story. Within tech, we’re often fed a single narrative of “the techie.” Usually, a hoodie-wearing bro, a hacker, and, well, you know the rest. Our Behind the Techie video interview series is a counter narrative, showcasing the array of techies you encounter on a daily basis. Whether it’s your homegirl that works at a top tech startup or a friend that somehow fell into tech in a roundabout way, here are the stories you rarely hear but need to know.

Meet Brittany Allen, a Freelance Photographer and creator of MuseumofBritt. She most recently served as Digital Marketing Analyst at Prudential.


What's the first word that comes to mind when describing you?

Resourceful. That's because I consistently am able to creatively solve problems and find ways to make the best with little resources. For example, this year I traveled to Morocco with two other people. None of us had phone service or could speak French or Arabic. We got lost several times and, each time with creativity and persistence, I was able to get us back on track.

Where are you from?

I am from New Jersey, more specifically Irvington and North Plainfield where I spent 10 and 8 years, respectively, of my life. I currently live in Newark, NJ where I was born and attended Rutgers Business School. I moved to Newark because it is cheaper, cleaner, and more spacious than NYC. I get more bang for my buck in terms of space and amenities at my apartment. It's super close to NYC, and my grandma still lives here.

What is your favorite tech product?

My favorite tech product is my Google Chromescast. I asked for it for Christmas in 2013, the year it came out. I was living alone at the time and couldn't afford cable, so having a Chromecast allowed me to stream shows to my TV that before I watched on my laptop, courtesy of those who let me borrow their HBO GO password. After a day of using the device, I loved it so much that I became a voluntary brand ambassador for Chromecast, successfully convincing at least one friend and one family member to get it.

You currently work at Prudential, what is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is working from home. I am able to work in a less cold and distracting environment, and wear what I want. I know the clothing thing seems trivial, but as someone whose weight fluctuates a lot it can be dreadful getting dressed for work knowing that my only professional clothes don't fit well. Even when they do fit, I never feel comfortable in them, instead they make me feel stuck up and trapped. If I could go to work in the sports bra and spandex shorts I wear at home, that'd be great!

Where did you work before Prudential?

I worked at Vox Media. I loved it! I had a really supportive, smart and passionate manager and team. I was inspired by the people I worked with and had the creative freedom to make a difference. I honestly regret leaving!

What do you do for fun?

I do photography for fun. I also like to go to pop-up events and restaurants;  pretty much any activity with food wins my heart. Essentially, I like to do what every other millennial does just with a lot more moderation.

Interview + video by Justin Gomez

Editor's note: Brittany worked at Prudential at the time of our interview with her. She has since left to pursue a career as a creative entrepreneur.