10 Tips to Get Your First Job As a Digital Marketer

Written by Jamichael Mitchell

There isn’t a better time to become a digital marketer than now. The industry is booming and digital marketers of all disciplines are in high demand. Additionally, 90% of all marketing roles require some digital marketing experience, according to a McKinley Marketing Partners study.

Acquiring a digital marketing job isn't as hard as it may seem. It's all about being proactive and proving to agencies that you have a genuine interest in the field. Here are 10 tips to help you land your first digital marketing job.

Have a Personal Website

If you’re looking to acquire a position in digital marketing, it’s important that you market and sell yourself properly. Start by getting a website, preferably with your first and last name as the domain address. Your website will serve as a resume, portfolio, and biography. With agencies researching you, it’s better to lead them to a website that tells everything about you rather than allowing them to piece you together based on your social media profiles.

Start Blogging

A blog is a great way to showcase your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing disciplines. Give your take on current changes in the field along with future predictions. Additionally, be sure to utilize digital marketing methods on your website. 

Start Tweeting

Digital marketers are very active on Twitter. If you haven't already, create an account and start tweeting your fingers off. Connect with industry influencers to ask for advice and feedback on your blogs, among other things. Join the many industry-related conversations and share your thoughts. Also, be sure to seek out digital marketers who work for agencies that you'd be interested in joining. 

Secure an Internship

An intern is a great way to get your foot in the door to showcase your soft skills, gain experience, and prove why you'd be an asset to an agency's digital marketing team. 

Work for Free

If you know anyone that operates a website, ask them if you could help them get more traffic to it. If you don’t, reach out to local businesses. If you’re able to get paid for your work, great. If not, do it for free. The goal here is to begin building yourself a nice portfolio to show to potential employers.

Attend Networking Events

There’s a variety of networking events taking place in your city. Attend a few and become a regular attendee at the ones that bring you the most value. The great thing about these events is that not only will you learn from the speakers, but also from other attendees who will be more than willing to connect and exchange experiences.

Participate In Free Webinars/Content

Webinars are great for gaining industry knowledge, as well as showing agencies that you’re interested in what they’re doing. In addition to joining webinars, download free content from the agencies you’re interested in working for. Eventually, they’ll reach out to you as part of their follow-up process. Once they do, let them know that you’re scouting agencies to work for.  

Stay Up to Date

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. There’s always new information, better software, and updates to the many revenue generating platforms you’ll be utilizing. With that being said, it’s important that you stay up to date. You can do so by following some of the top blogs in the field.

Choose a Specialty

While it’s important to have a general understanding of digital marketing, you should choose a discipline or two to specialize in. This is important because most digital marketing positions are based on specific disciplines, especially entry-level positions.

Get Certified

A sure way to stand out amongst your peers is to become certified in the most prominent digital marketing tools and strategies. Given Google’s influence on our industry, Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications are top of the line. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing certification will also serve as an asset to your resume.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a digital marketing job before you know it!

Jamichael Mitchell is the founder of TruRank Marketing, an SEO company in Charlotte, NC. Having spent nearly a decade helping businesses achieve success online, he enjoys writing about all things digital marketing.