Standing For Diversity

Diversity is at the core of what we do.  

Racial, ethnic and religious differences are what make this country the innovative melting pot that it is today. So it is with great sadness to learn of President Trump’s executive order to bar travelers and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This unlawful ban has resulted in protests across our country, including in our backyard.

On Saturday, we learned, like many of you via social media, that Uber proceeded to conduct business at JFK during a taxi strike. With our upcoming course and connection to the technology company, we immediately contacted them to ensure that they, too, are invested in human rights and the values in which this country was built upon.

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick’s announced that he would speak with Trump about the ban when they meet on Friday when the Trump business advisory council that he is part of connects. The company will also support drivers who would be affected by the ban, Kalanick shared in a company blog post. He said, "While every government has their own immigration controls, allowing people from all around the world to come here and make America their home has largely been the U.S.’s policy since its founding. That means this ban will impact many innocent people—an issue that I will raise this coming Friday when I go to Washington for President Trump’s first business advisory group meeting.”

We’re glad to hear this conversation will take place.

We’re committed to diversifying tech. It’s why we work with forward-thinking companies who want to make not only a business impact, but a social one as well.

We will continue to follow this situation closely and keep you in the loop as things develop. Our scheduled course will begin today and we’re excited to welcome our next cohort of designers.

Ariel & Janel 

2020Shift Co-Founders