Back To School: How To Make Your Workspace More Productive

Going back to school after a fun-filled and relaxing summer can be tough. And getting yourself back in the mindset of preparing for classes, studying, homework and tests is something many put off to the last minute, or try not to worry about at all.

One way to start the school year off right is by making sure your workspace is conducive to your study habits. Below are six ways to effectively turn your workspace environment into a productive area throughout the school year:


Organization: One factor that can be a distraction to the studying process is the need to constantly stop and look for study materials. Prior to sitting at your workspace, make sure all the materials you require are on your desk/table or nearby. Being organized from the beginning is important because once you get into the flow of working, you don’t want to break it because you have to go look for a highlighter, paper, or random item. To add, make sure your area is clutter-free. Put things in their proper place, so they are not in the way while you’re working.

Goals: The point of your workspace is to get work done. Having your goals, assignments, and to-do list visual (i.e. hung on the wall in front of you) is a good way to stay focused and remind you of why you’re spending so much time at your workspace in the first place.

Temperature: If the room where your workspace is located is too cold or too hot, your mind will quickly shift from what you’re working on. You don’t want to waste time being distracted because you are cold, or dragging through your work because the warm room is causing you to feel tired and lazy. Find a balance that best suits you.

Inspiration: Create an area around your workspace that’ll inspire and motivate you. Add things like: splashes of color, pictures, a candle, and motivational quotes. And if music is something that helps you study, be sure to have your device and music queued up and ready to go. One main thing to remember when decorating your workspace is to stay focused on what the area is supposed to be, a place to work.

Distractions: Your workspace should be distraction free. Social media can be a huge distraction for many, so it’s probably best to turn your phone off or put it in a different area. When using the computer, refrain from logging into your different social media accounts. This will prevent you from wasting valuable study time.

Comfort: Make sure your workspace is comfortable. If you’re someone who needs a lot of space, work at a big desk or large table. Make sure the chair you’re sitting in is comfortable so your body doesn’t end up aching after hours of sitting in it. But also make sure the comfort level doesn’t cause you to fall asleep.