Workshop + Course Overview

Whether you're new to tech, looking to advance in your current position, or have your own thing- we've got you covered.  We offer short form classes, workshops, and part-time intensive courses designed to help you learn top skills needed in today's digital economy.  

Our curriculum is uniquely developed by the 2020Shift team and our partners to give people hands-on experience and behind the scenes knowledge. Because of our focus on diversity, all of our instructors reflect students in race, ethnicity and/or gender expression/identity.



Intro to HTML & CSS

Coding isn’t just for developers. It’s an in-demand skill that benefits job seekers, entry- to mid-level professionals and entrepreneurs ready to advance professionally through code. Get started creating web pages with HTML5 and CSS3, the basic, most up-to-date building blocks of web development.

Online Course, available with pre-sale price deal

Launching June 2018


Launch Your Prototype

Are you sitting on an idea, but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. When hit with an idea (“the next big…”), aspiring and serial entrepreneurs alike think about where to start, the resources needed to launch and how quickly they can get the product live, among other things.

This course will equip you with the tools to design and launch your minimum viable product

Launching July 2018