Who We are

Our team has spent years working in the technology space. After experiencing the diversity issue first-hand, we created 2020Shift to help tech and digital media companies diversify their recruitment process, retain minority talent and provide leadership and skills-based training to the industry's next leaders.

We've built amazing relationships with contemporary companies making waves in diversity and inclusion.


Ariel Lopez, CEO

Chief Executive Officer

What app can’t you live without? 

It’s a tie between Spotify and Twitter. One keeps me going, the other keeps me connected.

What diversity means to you? 

Diversity means variety of thought, people, and perspectives. Diverse environments ensure that the most innovative products can be made and they will reflect the consumers that use them. 

One piece of advice to newcomers in the tech space? 

Be assertive! As a newcomer in any industry it’s important to be proactive and persistent in making connections and gaining access. Don’t wait for opportunties to fall in your lap, create them!



Janel Martinez, CCO

Chief Content Officer

What app can't you live without? 

Twitter. It's led to some really amazing opportunities for me. 

What diversity means to you? 

Diversity means the presence of people from all walks of life are valued and accepted.

One piece of advice to newcomers in the tech space? 

Be yourself. The tech space is highly saturated; there are virtually no new ideas. However, if you remain true to yourself and vision, that will be evident and people can vibe with that. 

Mayeesha Kamal


What app can't you live without?

I love traveling and therefore I can’t live without Google Maps and Instagram. Once I have my heart set on a place, Google Maps takes me there and I use Instagram to cherish the memories.

What diversity means to you?

I believe diversity exists when people from different race, gender, background belong to the same place and every single person feels a sense of inclusion.

One piece of advice to newcomers in the tech space?

 Don’t be afraid to try anything. If you fail once, you learn from the failure, pick yourself up, and succeed next time! Be flexible, expose yourself to a plethora of fresh ideas and build clarity within them.